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Raising Self-Esteem Programme

This programme is designed for students who exhibit low self-esteem. This common trait in young people is a major contributor to underachievement and general behaviour issues. Lasting for 10 sessions, this programme allows students to explore the things that make them lack confidence and gives them a safe environment to build a better sense of self-worth.

About the Programme


Rachel Simpson -
Director of Learning Support

Many school based external intervention programmes come in, run sessions, and leave. The impact is short lived…Strengthening Minds combats this; they lead by example and train school staff so there is never an end date to the impact  programme has on the students.  

James Searjeant

Headteacher, Wyborne Primary School

James S.jpg

The programme has been brilliant. Class teachers have noticed that the pupils are putting into practice strategies they have been taught within the sessions

Carefully crafted student workbooks help to keep track of progression

10 Sessions




Games and Tasks


Weekly Activites

Games and Taks
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Weekly activities allow students to demonstrate and explore self-esteem

Programme Breakdown

10 Sessions

Each of the 10 sessions that make up the Raising Self-Esteem Programme have been designed to help students explore aspects of their self-esteem. These session range from identifying what it means to have confidence to giving students strategies to help boost their body-image. Because of the careful structure of each session, students are always able to learn, implement and reflect on the new things they have learned each week.

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The Raising Self-Esteem Programme, like all our programmes, comes with a full-colour workbook packed with fun and insightful activities. This workbook will become a working journal for the young people who take part in the programme, monitoring their progress and allowing individuals to reflect on the new skills they have learned. This book will be taken home by the students at the end of the programme.

Book Open SE.png

Another unique benefit of Strengthening Minds is our interactive sessions plans, giving facilitators access to a wealth of tools and games which help support and promote learning. Each session follows the content of the book, meaning that the programme is easy to deliver and simple to follow. Our interactive sessions also give facilitators access to meditation activities, hint support for struggling students and class timers to keep learning quick and impactful

Weekly Activites

An exciting and innovative part of our Raising Self-Esteem programme is our Confidence Activities. These give students the space to explore and control their emotions during a physical activity. Each week, our students are given are given time to demonstrate the skills they have learned in the session. This helps them to visualise the outcomes of positive behaviour before they implement these skills in the classroom. 


Rebecca Hickey

Executive Headteacher,

Harris Academy Peckham

The impact on the students has been remarkable, with improved attendance, behaviour, attitude and composure. Our students couldn’t speak highly enough of the programme and simply did not want it to end

Engaging Development

Get In Touch

What our young people are saying about

the Raising Self-Esteem Programme

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We measure the impact of the Raising Self-Esteem programme through student attainment and feedback from staff regarding levels of self-esteem in the classroom. This allows us to really monitor the impact of the programme. In all cases, we see a significant rise in student attainment and meaningful change in terms of confidence in the classroom. 

Each student is able to take home the workbook that they complete within the 10 sessions, giving them a journal of their progress and a collation of strategies to help them manage their self-esteem. This inevitably produces fantastic results for the young people that we work with and allows them to revisit the learning at any point.

Measuring Impact

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Available packages for this programme

Training Icon Package.png
Extended Package.png

Our Training Package is perfect for schools who are confident with the idea of running a SEMH programme independently. With our Training Package, schools are provided with all resources needed to run the programme - including workbooks and interactive sessions - and will receive a days training on how to run the programme effectively. After that, it's over to you!

Training Package

Extended Package

Our Extended Package offers schools all of the benefits of our Training Package - including workbooks and interactive sessions - but also the opportunity to have one of our specialist facilitators attend the school and run the programme for 10 weeks. During this time, a member of school staff will shadow our facilitator and learn how to deliver outstanding sessions. 

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