Strengthening Minds offers fresh, interactive programmes that help engage,
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Staying Home in Style!

We've been working hard  on a short booklet, designed to make staying at home as comfortable and productive as possible. During these difficult times, we believe it is important to take care of each other. Feel free to download your free copy by clicking on the link below.

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Steve Daniels 

Founder of Strengthening Minds

...our ethos is simple – help young people grow – and we continue to do just that on a daily basis.

about us

Hi, I'm Steve Daniels, founder of Strengthening Minds. At Strengthening Minds, our ethos is simple – help young people grow – and we continue to do just that on a daily basis. We offer young people across the country the chance to make positive changes to their lives. Through our list of personal development programmes, we can reach young people who find the school environment a tough challenge.

At a time when there are continuous cuts to school budgets, we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our packages: not only do we offer fully comprehensive programmes, with full, year-round support and fantastic, frequently updated resources, but we also train staff, so that they can continue to deliver our engaging and impactful programmes to as many students as possible. With Strengthening Minds, we offer long term, meaningful solutions to genuine problems; no longer do young people have to miss out on vital interventions that can help support and nurture their emotional needs.

With our complete emotional well-being packages, we are able to help young people grow everyday.  

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Brendan Wierdu

Brendan Wierdu


We pride ourselves on the happiness of the young people we work with. Find out how our programmes are changing the lives of young people across the country by clicking a story above and learning more about how Strengthening Minds can help young people grow. 

Character Growth

Our programmes give young people the confidence to grow into inspirational adults

"I was asked to pick a highlight from the programme and I couldn’t, I enjoyed every minute of it."

Jayden, Gravesend Community Hub  

"If I’m 100% honest, without this programme,

I would have struggled to cope"

Brendan Wierdu, Charlton Athletic FC

"I would always sit back and let others take overs take over.

I am different person now." 

Gracie, Henwick Primary School  

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