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Finding the right solution is an important part of any educator’s profession. At Strengthening Minds, we recognise the need for flexibility, so we offer two fantastic solutions through our ‘Training’ and ‘Delivery’ packages. Each comes packed full with benefits and allows a school to tailor the way our programmes are run. 


Take a look below at what each package offers and find what works best for you. We also have some incredible special offers for our Training Package, which help to make our fantastic programmes even more accessible to those restricted by budgets.

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Choose your pricing plan

  • Training Package

    Perfect for schools with a strong understanding of wellbeing
    • Staff Delivery Pack
    • 10 carefully constructed sessions
    • 10 session plans which outline all content for each session
    • 10 interactive PowerPoint presentations to guide learning
    • Full Programme Documentation
    • Equipment required for entire programme
    • USB containing all resources
    • Unlimited email and phone support
    • 90-Minute Virtual Training Session
    • 3 levels of differentiated support
    • Full-colour Student Workbooks
    • Access to our in-house facilitator accreditation
  • Delivery Package

    Perfect for schools who want a programme run by our experts
    • All benefits from the Training Package are included
    • Delivery of the Selected 10-Week Programme
    • Parental/Carer Pre-Programme-Meeting
    • 3.5 hours of 1:1 Staff Training for Continued Delivery
    • Personalised session evaluations for each student
    • End of programme reports
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Training Package Benefits

Perfect for schools with a strong pastoral team, confident with delivering wellbeing programmes

90-Minute Virtual Training Session: 

enabling up to 10 members of school staff to receive the required training to successfully implement the programme(s) for your school

Year-Round Strengthening Minds Support: a dedicated member of the Strengthening Minds team to assist you every step of the way

Access to our ‘How To’ support videos: these videos help to guide staff through the running of our programmes as well as offering great tips and hints to overcome barriers for learning

x10 Interactive PowerPoint Presentations: access to our carefully crafted, and ground-breaking interactive resources, enabling participants to learn in a fun and engaging way

3 Levels of Differentiated Support: adapted sessions helps to support learners of varied ability

Facilitator Session Plans: an outline of sessional content, tips and advice, and delivery support


Physical Programme Resources: up to £500 worth of physical resources, including Giant Jenga Blocks, Steady Hand Games and Mindful Meditation Recordings

Students Workbooks: access to our differentiated ‘Student Workbooks’ containing up to 100 pages of interactive activities and support. First 10 workbooks printed for each programme

Full Programme Documentation: includes all documentation to successfully deliver the intervention, including, Parental Letters, Referral Forms, Parental/Student Questionnaires, Session Evaluation Forms, and Monitoring Sheets

Delivery of Programme Material: all programme materials sent to your school ready for instant use

Strengthening Minds' Facilitator Accreditation: access to our in-house Facilitator Accreditation, ensuring students, facilitators and the school as a whole full fully benefit from our programme(s) of support

Our Training Package Special Offers

To make our programmes even more accessible to schools, we have a special offer available, which allows broader access to our programmes, whilst still saving valuable pounds in the process. Below is a costing breakdown for our Training Package by itself and then the saving you can benefit from if you purchase more than one programme with Strengthening Minds. Start exploring how we can provide a full scheme of support in your school or business. 
















Delivery Package Benefits

Perfect for schools who want a programme run by our experts

Full Training Package Benefits: our Delivery Package comes with all of the fantastic benefits from our Training Package as well as the incredible benefits listed below. 

Delivery of the Selected 10-Week Programme: delivery of our 10 interactive sessions for a pre-identified group of 8-10 students. A specialist member of our team will visit the school site each week to deliver this. This can also be delivered virtually.

Parental/Carer Pre-Programme-Meeting:

an opportunity for parents/carers to gain a better understanding of the programme and discuss how together, we can best support their child throughout the course and beyond.


3.5 hours of 1:1 Staff Training for Continued Delivery: a 20-minute staff training slot is offered at the beginning of each of the 10 sessions, enabling staff to get a clear understanding of the session content

Session Evaluations: an Individual student evaluation will be completed each week, measuring student progress across a range of relevant areas. Evaluations are shared with school staff and key professionals (where required) to further support students  

End of Programme Reports: a detailed end of programme report is produced for each programme participant, containing key information regarding attendance, behaviour and interactions. As well as strategies for the school to implement to continue to support each student moving forward.


Our Delivery Package Special Offer

Our introductory Delivery Package offer will allow schools and businesses to purchase their first programme with Strengthening Minds with a discount of £1000. If you would like to find out more about this fantastic opportunity, please contact us or, if you would like to know more about the programmes included in this special offer, please click the button below. 

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