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Community Hub

A modern town with strong community values

Stanhope may be a relatively new town (only being built in the 1960s) but it is a town full of so much character and a strong community spirit to back it up. It has been our pleasure to work with the people in this community over the last few months and we can honestly say that it has been a privilege to spend time with such a friendly and enthusiastic community who are committed to helping us make positive changes in the area. Check out the buttons below for more information about Stanhope community hub and the fantastic work going on in the area.

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What's Going


Click below to find out more about the exciting opportunities in the Stanhope Community Hub

Local Support Services

Click below to find out more about the fantastic support services in the area that can help make life a little easier

Stories from the Community

Click below to hear some amazing stories from the people of Stanhope community



Click below to take a look at some pictures of the incredible achievements in the local community

Zoom Youth Sessions!

Mondays & Fridays 


Our weekly Zoom Youth Sessions allow young people the chance to access amazing activities and tantalising tasks to enrich their lives and boost their confidence to try new things. From cooking to ​trivia quiz nights, from virtual fitness classes to arts and crafts and emotional wellbeing support groups, these sessions allow the young people in the community the chance to try something brand new!


8 to12s 4pm - 5.30pm

12 to16s 6pm - 7.30pm

What's Gong On?

What's Going On?

Local Support Services

Call Center

0845 604 3719

Ashford Job Centre

A helpful job centre who can offer advice and opportunities for new work

Modern Senior Woman

07773 396646

Silver Threads

A community service for the over 55’s. Contact Kent Community Warden Team for info

Support Group

01233 500477


Services and supporting individuals, organisations and communities across Kent

Stories from the Community

Stack of Books

We Want Your Stories!

Have a story to tell? We are putting together a collection of stories from the community and we need people from Stanhope to tell us their stories. If you have something you would like to share, or a fun story about the local area, please use the contact form on the right to let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Stanhope Showcase

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