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A fantastic way to encourage positivity in primary students and help form meaningful relationships

Programme Benefits


Encourages a Positive Mindset

This programme is designed to encourage primary students to adopt a positive mindset. Tasks are centred around resilience and positivity in general, allowing students to explore these topics in a fun and engaging way


Develops Relationships

The Positive Me programme helps young people form healthy relationships and allows them to form new friendships in a comfortable and positive environment


Strengthens Empathy 

Empathy is a big part of this programme and students are coached on how to think of others and the impact their actions may have on them. Sessions encourage students to think of others and their feelings 


Promotes Planning

With dedicated sessions such as 'My Future Self' and 'Strategies for Success', this programme helps students plan for the future, particularly in terms of who they want to be and how they would like others to percieve them


Develops Resilience

The Positive Me Programme encourages students to be resilient, helping them manage their emotional responses to difficult situations and developing a growth mindset 

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A Closer Look at the Programme

Each of our programmes comes with a full workbook, 10 interactive sessions that help to keep learning structured and meaningful and a host of evaluative documents, which can be used to monitor and track progress over the course of the programme.


Each of our programmes comes with a selection of student workbooks. Our exciting workbooks allow student to keep track of their learning as they take part in the programme. These workbooks are packed full of engaging, meaningful tasks that help students manage their emotions in a way that is comfortable and fun. Each week, students will also record their check-in and their targets for the week, allowing them to use their workbook as a way of keeping track of their goals and their accomplishments.

Student Workbooks

Interactive Sessions

Our interactive session are what ties our programmes together. These session will run on the board each week, allowing facilitators to deliver session with ease and ensuring that structured learning is always being complete. These exciting interactive sessions are packed full of meaningful games and tasks, a wealth of activities that are designed to support students as they discover more about themselves and a series of tools that help keep the learning fun and, when needed, differentiated for learners with a lower ability. 

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Monitoring and Tracking 

To make learning even more impactful, each of our programmes comes with a suite of documents that help schools prepare, setup and monitor progress of each individual student that takes part. We provide referral forms, parental consent letters, session evaluation forms, questionnaires and a tracking system that allows staff to see, at a glance, the progress made by each student over the course of the programme. These documents can be kept on the students records, to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the support that each students has received through one of our programmes. 

Facilitator Handbook

Our facilitator handbook makes delivering our programmes a breeze. Each session is broken down into a comprehensive session plan, which outlines leaning objectives, potential barriers to learning, links to academia, AFL strategies and answers to games. To make life even easier for our facilitators, we have also included an activity summary for each session, so that an overview  can easily be obtained and used to run a fantastic session of wellbeing support. This facilitator handbook will help guide new facilitators as they deliver the programme, allowing them to focus on supporting the students. 

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What Others Are Saying About this Programme


"Strengthening Minds is an amazing, forward-thinking programme...I believe Strengthening Minds allows children to start to gain an understanding of their feelings and the meanings behind them. A fantastic programme"

— Name, Title

- Louise Heyward-William 

Student Welfare Manager, Harris Primary Academy Merton


"It is great to see how this programme is continually helping children to maintain positive relationships within the classroom, helping them to self-reflect and

how to deal with

difficult situations appropriately."

- Miranda Van ManenAssociate Headteacher,

William Morris Primary

Postive Me Background .jpg

Available Packages 

Training Package

Our Training Package is perfect for schools who are confident with the idea of running a SEMH programme independently. With our Training Package, schools are provided with all resources needed to run the programme - including workbooks and interactive sessions - and will receive a 2 hour training session on how to run the programme effectively. After that, it's over to you!

Delivery Package

Our Delivery Package offers schools all of the benefits of our Training Package - including workbooks and interactive sessions - but also the opportunity to have one of our specialist facilitators attend the school and run the programme for 10 weeks. During this time, a member of school staff will shadow our facilitator and learn how to deliver outstanding sessions. 

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