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A Bright Spark

Jayden had always been an extremely intelligent, likeable and enthusiastic young person. Unfortunately, these positive qualities were unable to blossom for many years as a result of a low sense of self-esteem. Rather than embrace his creative side and sociable nature, he allowed feelings of self-doubt to take over. Feelings of not being good enough would often arise, as would his frustration, causing difficulties in many aspects of his life.


Unable to trust in himself and his abilities he would simply sit back and allow these negative feelings to manifest. This was until, he took part in the Strengthening Minds programme. The Raising Self-Esteem Programme allowed Jayden to step outside of his comfort zone, believe in himself again and begin to celebrate all of the positive traits he possesses. Jayden was given the chance to flourish, and he took it.



I absolutely loved being a part of the Raising Self-Esteem Programme. Taking part in the programme helped me to value myself again, I now feel happier and a lot more confident. I was asked to pick a highlight from the programme, and I couldn’t, I enjoyed every minute of it.


I loved attending the sessions each week and being able to see the friends I had made through the sessions. The programme has really helped me to be the best I can be. Lots of people have noticed positive changes in me, I am really proud of myself. This programme is simply the best!



Jayden has loved being a part of the Strengthening Minds' Programme. He would come home after every session with a smile on his face and a story to tell. He loved socialising and making friends. I have noticed a huge difference in his attitude; he is a lot less stressed and as a result is able to focus on any task given to him.

The programme has been a huge success for Jayden. He is now able to think about his actions and try new ways to deal with issues more positively. This is something that his grandparents have also noticed.

I want to thank Strengthening Minds for all the time and effort that they have put in.

Our Extended Package offer schools all of the benefits of our Training Package - including workbooks and interactive sessions - but also the opportunity to have one of specialist facilitators attend the school and run the programme for 10 weeks. During this time, a member of school staff will shadow our facilitator and learn how to deliver outstanding sessions. 

Extended Package

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Training Package

Our Training Package is perfect for schools who are confident with the idea of running a BESD programme independently. With our Training Package, schools are provided with all resources needed to run the programme - including workbooks and interactive sessions - and will receive a days training on how to run the programme effectively. After that, it's over to you!

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