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Finding Happiness

Gracie had always been an extremely likeable and well-mannered student, however, Gracie’s low levels of self-confidence meant that should would often blend into the crowd rather than allow herself to flourish. If Gracie was set an academic task that she did not understand feelings of worry and self-doubt would creep in and she would switch off immediately. This extremely capable child was at risk of not meeting her full potential and allowing these feelings of self-doubt to consume her. Through taking part in the Raising Self-Esteem programme Gracie was able to speak about her difficulties with her peers and recognise that she was not alone. Through fully embracing the support provided, it is fair to say that her progress has been incredible. Gracie no longer sits back, now she is the first to attempt new challenges without fear of failure. Not only have her fears of not completing her work correctly disappeared, but most importantly, she has found the confidence to be happy with herself in all areas of her life.

Gracie's Words

I really enjoyed taking part in the Strengthening Minds programme, Steve really helped my confidence grow. It was so much fun. My favourite session was when we explored strategies to help manage our worries. We made our own stress balls, it really helps me to have something to play with when my worries arise.

Before taking part in the programme I would always sit back and let others take over, I am now a different person, I am confident and know I am able to get up and say how I feel without worry. I now believe in myself! My teachers and parents have noticed a huge difference in me, I am so much more confident than I was before taking part in the Strengthening Minds programme. My confidence continues to grow

Our Extended Package offer schools all of the benefits of our Training Package - including workbooks and interactive sessions - but also the opportunity to have one of specialist facilitators attend the school and run the programme for 10 weeks. During this time, a member of school staff will shadow our facilitator and learn how to deliver outstanding sessions. 

Extended Package

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Training Package

Our Training Package is perfect for schools who are confident with the idea of running a BESD programme independently. With our Training Package, schools are provided with all resources needed to run the programme - including workbooks and interactive sessions - and will receive a days training on how to run the programme effectively. After that, it's over to you!

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