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James Searjeant 

Headteacher, Wyborne Primary

“I would recommend Strengthening Minds LTD to any school that is looking at ways to improve staff response to challenging behaviours.”


The Strengthening Minds programme has been a huge success at Wyborne Primary School. We started the programme by inviting the Director, Steve Daniels, to an INSET day. Steve's presentation was well received by all staff, who were able to take away effective strategies to manage the behaviour of our pupils. Staff also gained a valuable insight into why certain pupils may behave like they do. The INSET session was a great way to launch the programme.  

        The programme is extremely well organised and staff, parents/carers and pupils have been well informed from the beginning. Steve is an excellent communicator. He has also delivered the programme alongside our Behaviour Support Officer - this has meant that the programme can be facilitated by her after Steve has gone. This was an attractive element when deciding to buy into the programme - something extremely effective and sustainable.

The programme has had a huge impact on the pupils at Wyborne Primary School. Pupils have enjoyed the interactive elements to the sessions and have built positive professional relationships with Steve as the facilitator. Class teachers have noticed that the pupils are putting into practice strategies they have been taught at the sessions. Parents have also commented that the programme has had an impact on behaviour at home.

       The Anger Management Programme has been brilliant. We have been so impressed that we have also invested in the Developing Self Esteem Programme for next academic year. Another member of staff will lead this programme alongside Steve to again secure the sustainability of the programmes. 

         I would recommend Strengthening Minds LTD to any school that is looking at ways to improve staff response to challenging behaviours, help children manage their behaviours and for general improvement in behaviour across the school.


A positive, supportive and effective programme with huge impact.

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Anger Management

This programme helps young people control and explore their anger and negative behaviour

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This programme helps young people increase their sense of self-esteem

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This programme helps young people prepare for the world of work