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Raising Self-Esteem


This programme was designed to help young people manage negative and potentially destructive behaviour. It has been a huge success across many schools. The programme lasts for ten weeks and helps students deal with their emotional responses to social and classroom situations. 

10 x 75 min sessions run over a ten week period​


Each of the 10 sessions that make up the Positive Behaviour and Anger Management Programme have been designed to help students explore aspects of their anger. These session range from identifying what makes students angry to giving students strategies to help manage their anger. Because of the careful structure of each session, students are always able to learn, implement and reflect on the the new things they have learned.

George McMillan


We have found the anger management programme an invaluable part of engaging the student (and often the parents) back onto a more positive path where the student feels much more able to manage their behaviour positively.


Joe Francis

         Over the past 3 years Strengthening Minds have been a pleasure to work with.  They have a genuine affection and care for the young people that they provide support for and this is evidenced by the way in which those young people talk about the programme. 

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Timed Challenge
Timed Challenge

A fun timed challenge.

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Target Setting
Target Setting

Weekly target setting

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Interactive sessions ensure students remain engaged and enthusiastic

Another unique benefit of Strengthening Minds is our interactive sessions plans. These can be run on almost any school computer, giving facilitators access to a wealth of tools and games which help support and promote learning. Each session follows the content of the book, meaning that the programme is easy to deliver and simple to follow. Our interactive sessions also give facilitators access to meditation activities, hint support for struggling students and class timers to keep learning quick and impactful

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About the Programme

Programme Breakdown


Dr Chris Thomlinson

In any academy I work in, or associate with, the quality input of Strengthening Minds for selected individual students has become a crucial and sustainable part of my core curriculum.


One clear impact of our Positive Behaviour and Anger Management Programme is a reduction in behaviour points. By allowing students time and space to explore their anger and negative behaviour in a meaningful and engaging environment, we are able to help students control their emotional responses to classroom situations. In many scenarios, this leads to a decline in negative behaviour incidents, particularly those with an aggressive, confrontational or violent nature. 

Measuring Impact